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Terms & Conditions 🕵‍♀ Of Fontsz........

 Last update March 4, 2023! 

1. Introduction

Welcome to Fontsz.com (the "Site"), which is one of the best free and easy-to-use online fancy font text generator tools with an unlimited stylish collection of Vaporwave, Fancy, Stylish, Cursive, Bold, Cool text, etc. On Fontsz, you can generate Unlimited Crazy Font Styles of the Fancy Font.

Find Out More About Font Generator of Fontsz You can quickly duplicate the beautiful font and share it on different social media networks using our font generator. This document is a legally binding agreement (the "Agreement") that governs the terms of our service.

This document explains the terms of use under which you may access Fontsz. Under these conditions of usage, you are bound to agree with the limitations and conditions legally.

2. Authority

Fontsz can modify or change these terms of use anytime under the proper discretion of this page which will be updated for its users. So, make sure to often check this page to stay updated with the conditions of usability. Following these terms is a liability. Therefore do not access Fonts if you do not accept these terms.

3. About Terms of Use

Fontsz does not make any claims that its products or services are specified for a certain type of audience or serve any certain purpose.

Fontsz will not hold responsibility for any claims, damages, or unlawful activities that might result in inappropriate access to its materials. Therefore, you are accessing the site under your own will, so use the features and options responsibly. For more information visit our About us page.

4. Accessing Font Generator of Fontsz

Being a part of Fontsz.com, you may be required to provide your personal information, such as contact details and emails, for identification. This condition will be applicable in case we update the terms of use under account-restricted access.

You are only allowed to access Fontsz under the interface and instructions provided by us. Therefore, do not try to access the options and features of Text generator via automated means like web crawlers or scripts, as it is strictly prohibited.

5. Design copyright

Fontsz.com owns and controls its design and layout. By reading this, you agree not to duplicate the layout and design in any way.

6. Documents and Data Privacy

The document files or data uploaded on Fontsz is stored on our servers, and they are not shared with any third-party source or any similar authority that could misuse our user’s data.

We respect and maintain integrity to ensure that our users can have confident and safe access to our services without any fear of being leaked to any other source.

The user has complete rights to remove the documents from our servers. The uploaded document will not be used for any other features of the services of our Font generator

7. Liability of Usage

We deliver our best to enhance the experience for our users by providing maximum uptime and reliable services for our users. We do not claim that Fontsz.com will operate free of any issues, as server downtimes or bugs can be experienced at any stage of usability.

If you find any issues that you’ve faced during the usage, feel free to contact us to address the issue, and we will try our best to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

8. Contact Us

If you have any queries and want to resolve your issue instant, visit our Contact Us page