HIT Text Generator

HIT Text Generator

█▬█ █ ▀█▀ Font

“Hit or Miss” is a famous expression that we’ve all heard of, and it is true for digital marketing too, where either you hit the audience with your sales pitch or miss the opportunity. Therefore, to make your slogan and brand more recognizable, you can rely on the Hit Text Generator by Fontsz, which provides you with instant results free of cost.

The Hit Font Generator converts your ordinary font into a more stylish and prominent set of letters and words that are noticeable, like a brand name. It uses a combination of capitalized and bold letters to give you an output that makes your text more eye-catching. Let’s talk more about its usability and features.

How to Use Hit Text Generator

The process of operating the █▬█ █ ▀█▀ font is fairly easy, and it only requires a few steps to perform, which are stated below.

   1. Click the upload button to upload the file containing text. You can also paste the content directly or type it in the text field.

HIT Font Generator

   2. Once the tool receives the text from your end, it will generate results in real-time automatically.

HIT Text Generator

   3. Now simply click the clipboard icon to copy text from the output box.

Input Text

Output Text


█▬█ █ ▀█▀



 Option to upload a document file

 The output text is Unicode supported and can be displayed on any text field

 Gives results in real-time

 Supports all document file types

 No login or signup required

Uses of Hit Font

The Hit Text is the ultimate tool for digital marketers and content creators, which can help them in the following ways.

Creating Ad Copies

With the help of Hit Generator, you can create prominent-looking content for the ad copies that leave an impression on your audience. Ad copies should be eye-catching, so the audience can actually interact with them, and this text generator can help you to make interactive content.

Social Marketing

Social media marketing has to be more convincing and unique from the ordinary to promote in the competitive market. With this HIT Text Converter Tool, you can create attractive text to feature in banners and bios, which will gather more interactions to define your brand.

Logo Designing

Half of your marketing campaign relies on your logo design or slogan, and that’s where the designers can utilize the efficient use of this tool. You can write your brand name with the Hit Font and create an eye-catching logo design with your brand name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to type █?

  1. To type █, go to hit font generator by Fontsz.
  2. Enter or paste normal text in the input text area, and the text will be converted into Hit text. 
  3. Click the copy button and use it.